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Model 1 Pro - Black and Gold

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Boxing Gloves - Model 1 PRO

Model 1 Pro Boxing Glove does not compromise on quality or style. Offering the ultimate protection for hard punchers and exceptional wrist support, this glove is designed to provide the optimal feedback on the pads or in sparring.
Dare we say so ourselves, but the striking design is perfect for anyone who likes to chase gold.

Why this glove?

  • Model 1 upgrades the traditional boxing cut to minimize wrist injuries
  • The shape and padding provide the unparalleled ‘on hit’ feedback while maintaining a comfortable hit around the knuckle, hand and wrist
  • Model 1 uses tailor-made inner lining
  • The glove is made of engineered leather for maximum durability and lower carbon footprint

Is this glove for you?

Model 1 is an ideal glove for heavy hitters. Inspired by professional boxing, it is a favourite of boxers and stand up specialists for pad work and sparring. This is the glove you should use to minimize wrist injuries, and it is the ideal glove to begin your training with.