Head Gear

Protecting your head is the number one thing in MMA training and competing. A head injury can be lethal. There is absolutely nothing more important than protecting yourself from hurting your skull.
Head guards we offer come in different sizes and are both comfortable and durable. Made of real leather, they combine perfect fit and efficiency in securing your head and jaw from even the hardest blows.

Genuine leather that makes up our head guards make them last a long time. It protects the head more efficiently than any synthetic material. And it is breathable.
Quick drying liner of the Endangered Fightwear head guards adds to the overall comfort of their use. It’s easier to train when your head is not soaking wet.

Contact us if you have any problems with selecting the correct size and features of your head gear. MMA is our passion and we want to help anyone who will share this passion with us.
It is always better to be safe than sorry so make sure you have all your gear in check before you start your journey with fighting. We provide you with information and the right equipment of top quality.