MMA Gloves

Gloves for MMA training and competitions must meet all standards of comfort, safety and efficiency. We put all the effort into designing gloves perfect for different levels of advance, as well for different types of training.

We make sure the gloves are made of breathable materials that can endure hard training sessions as well as tough fights.
Engineered leather with proper padding and quick dry system ensure comfort and safety of use. You cannot train regularly without gear that protects you from injuries.
The MMA gloves from Endangered Fightwear minimize the risk of hurting yourself during practice. Your knuckles, wrists and hands are mobile and protected from rubbing, scratching and squeezing. And you can safely train with the maximal intensity.

We offer MMA gloves for both amateurs and professional fighters. Our gear is suitable for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA. 
If you have problems with selecting the right pair of gloves suited to your fighting goals - we will help. This sport is our passion and we design our gear for people like us - MMA lovers.