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Model 2 - Black and Green

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Model 2

Our Model 2 Glove is made for all aspiring Nak Muay fighters. Rooted in the tradition of Muay Thai, Model 2 utilizes modern technology for the ultimate training experience.

Why this glove?

  • It is a traditionally shaped glove for maximum comfort
  • Model 2 offers 3 custom layers of padding for exceptional protection
  • Our bespoke quick dry lining keeps your gloves breathable and hygienic
  • Model 2 uses high grade engineered leather to achieve environmentally friendly durability.

Is this the glove for you?

Model 2 is the go-to glove for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA thanks to its quick drying ability, shorter wrist support and punch impact. It is ideal for both pad and bag works, as well as light sparring.

Model 2 - it’s not just foam and leather! We can’t say it’s perfect, but it is pretty close!