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Official Rebellion Boxing Gloves - White

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Magdalena Piatkowska
Cool gloves, excellent quality, super quick delivery.

When I first put my Endangered gloves on, it was an experience like a primal fresh breeze on my body, like the first ray of sun hitting my skin, that first sip of shaken, not stirred whiskey.

It was a veritable combination of what was always supposed to be inseparable.

The smell of leather as a unique feeling of cosy warmth, like a kitchen filled with Christmas specialties from childhood years.

This hint of excitement, rebellion and surge of strength flowed through me from the tip of my fingers through my whole body.
Magic happens, when at the very sight of gloves, your partner does his dishes, although I have not made it to my first class yet.
To sum up, cool gloves, excellent quality. Super quick delivery. I love it!

Over the moon with the gloves on first look and try on after my geezers 16oz split inside

Got the gloves today postage was fast and was able to track the whole way

I loved the little touch of the wham bar when I opened them up nice little touch

Trying on the gloves they felt amazing as well nice and tight and that was without my hands wrapped up so already can tell that the wrist support and protection is going to be good so can’t wait to put them to use in the next couple of days so many thanks to the guys of endangered fight wear really happy

Model 3 Competition “Rebellion”

Born out of collaboration with the biggest Scottish Muay Thai Promotion.
This glove is the perfect marriage between our finest padding and the most advanced synthetic leather. "Rebellion" was designed for ultimate comfort and maximum protection without compromising the style. This glove is the best friend of any fighter stepping between the ropes.

Hand mould 3 layer professional boxing padding, reinforced wrist protection and extra long laces. What else can you ask for?